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With experience at Expo 2015 in Milan, and significant work with international agencies such as NATO in the interim, Leonardo has built significant expertise in securing high-profile, international platforms, organisations, and initiatives, and have developed this security blueprint for Expo 2020 as a way to call attention to security as a strategic focus of the event leadership.

The good news is that Leonardo’s 25,000 highly-qualified professionals globally, who between them have thousands of industry-standard certifications, millions of man-hours worth of experience, and strong experience across multiple sectors are now represented here in the UAE, by MVP Tech.

As an overview of the main security-focused priorities recommended for Expo 2020, the following list captures the main focus areas. Primary SOC (Security Operations Centre) is an operation that needs to be up and running even while all other networks and systems are being planned and put in place. To ensure seamless integration of all aspects within the broader security vision, this Centre will work directly with the leadership of Expo 2020 to ensure that all the data generated is analysed for value to decision-making and overall operations of the Expo Command Centre.

Visual Data enables a consistent communications language when it comes to the security topography, assisted through 3D displays and models, bringing better planning, smoother integration of processes, and quicker response time to incidents and regular requirements.

Seamless Security, driven from the Expo 2020 SOC, will not be focused on cybersecurity alone. This security command and control centre will be equipped with the very latest solutions for video surveillance, anti-intrusion, fire sensors, Public Announcement (PA) systems, and biometric or other access controls. The SOC will not just be where these networks connect but will serve as the data-processing and analysis powerhouse to provide the event leadership with actionable intelligence for planning, efficiency, and transforming the visitor experience.


The focus is not just on equipping personnel with communication devices, but in equipping the SOC to be able to intelligently raise flags based on communications activity. For instance, high footfall in a particular area could trigger the need for additional volunteers and security personnel at that location.


To create a collaborative, technology-aided, nation-wide infrastructure that will serve as the Expo 2020’s backbone, integration of diverse systems on unified intercommunications platforms will be essential.