Security Systems

Integration is a complex process whereby different systems are made to communicate and interact with each other to achieve a specific purpose. It can be anything, from interfacing your CCTV with access control, your radar systems with cameras, to more complex applications such as Point of Sale transactions associated with video evidence.


The benefits of a well-design system will reduce the cost of security issues and other crimes, and increase productivity via video-verified reporting of tardy and non-productive behavior by employees. 

  • Alarm System
  • Anti-Ballistic
  • Anti-Drone Shield
  • Blast Proofing
  • Detection CBR
  • Drones
  • Law Enforcement
  • Perimeter Protection
  • PSIM
  • Radar Systems
  • X- Ray Scanners

Alarm System Sales Enquiries

  • Glass break detectors
  • Temperature control devices
  • Motion detectors 
  • Seismic detectors
  • Door / window contact

Partnering with : Siemens

  • Country of Origin: Germany;
  • Alarm Systems provide early detection of potential burglars;
  • Full integration;
  • Immediate alerting to a central management;
  • Station;
  • Hold-up protection for the customers.

Partnering with : Telenot

  • Country of Origin: Germany;
  • TELENOT products have a modular structure, and are synonymous with the highest performance as standard across the range. This applies not only to protection against intrusion, fire, and unauthorized access, but in general to our entire spectrum of holistic security technology;
  • Transmission Technology;
  • Intruder Alarm Technology;
  • Detectors For Intruder Alarm Systems;
  • Warning Devices;
  • Control Equipment / Access Control;
  • Wireless Intruder Alarm Technology;
  • Fire Detection Technology.

Anti-Ballistic Sales Enquiries

  • Mobile Fixtures
  • Permanent Fixtures
  • Covert Fixtures

Partnering with : Saab Barracuda

  • Country of Origin: Sweden;
  • Protection at a lower cost and weight than conventional protection methods. It allows the user to tailor protection to an application, easily retrofit existing facilities, or provide temporary ballistic protection as required;
  • Soft Armor is a unique spherical ceramic material designed to provide personnel and military assets, including aircraft, ammunition storage, command centers with ballistic protection against 7.62mm armor piercing (AP) rounds and rocket propelled grenades (RPGs) in vulnerable environments;
  • Bullets and shrapnel that hit the material is embedded in the material rather than ricocheted as they would against steel, composites or concrete;
  • As a projectile penetrates the outer layer of the wall, it comes into contact with Soft Armor’s hard ceramic balls that become unstable and fluid, quickly tumbling around the projectile until it comes to a halt. 

Anti-Drone Shield Sales Enquiries

Partnering with : Droneshield

  • Country of Origin: Australia;
  • DroneShield is the premier solution to passively sense drones ensuring your security forces are equipped to deal with this new & growing threat. DroneShield also offers a range of countermeasure solutions that are highly effective in deterring drone incidents.
  • DroneSentry - integrates DroneShield’s suite of sensors and countermeasures in a unified platform deployable in permanent or temporary installations.
  • DroneSentinel
  • DroneGun
  • DroneShield RadarOne provides rapid, precise tracking of airborne targets with 360 degrees of azimuth coverage at ranges of 1km or more.
  • DroneShield RfOne provides reliable RF detection over 360° horizontal field of coverage using 4 x 90° sector antenna panels.
  • DroneShield® WideAlert Sensors provide 180 degree coverage of local acoustic activity at close range.

Blast Proofing Sales Enquiries

  • MG-100 © Plymer Mix
  • Protection of Existing
  • Walls and Structure

Partnering with : DSS

  • Country of Origin: US;
  • MG-100 © is a unique, patented plasticized polymer mix which can be sprayed onto almost any service providing blast protection which has been tested and certified up to 5000 Kg of TNT;
  • Protection of existing walls and structure, even a single newly constructed block wall can be protected against an explosive blast as close as 25M away based on an application of 8 mm of MG-100 © on either side of the wall and remain intact. This unique material is able to absorb the forces of the blast wave of 500 Kg of TNT when positioned 23 meters away from the point of initiation;
  • On steel surfaces MG-100 © has proven effective against various explosive threats and provides year round anti-corrosion protection, even after salt-water immersion and extreme arid conditions.

Detection CBR Sales Enquiries

  • Chemical Detection
  • Radiation Detection
  • Biological Detection
  • Explosives

Partnering with : FLIR

  • Country of Origin: USA;
  • A global pioneer in Thermal Imaging  since 1978 ;
  • Mass spectrometry technology to detect, analyze, identify and confirm the presence of  explosives, drugs, CWAs, TICs, environmental pollutants, and a wide range of other chemicals in air, liquid, and solid samples;
  • MVP Tech is a reseller of FLIR Systems with a “Preferred System Integrator status” and awarded for “Extraordinary Vision”.

Drones Sales Enquiries

Partnering with : Anthea

  • Country of Origin: Denmark ;
  • The Huginn X1 is designed as a total solution, capable of handling a great variety of reconnaissance flights and operations;
  • Deployed in a few minutes;
  • Altitude Range up to 10,000 feet AMSL;
  • Flight time up to 25 min;
  • Wind tolerance for stable video up to 10 m/s;
  • Drone weight 1,390 gr. (excluding payload);
  • Foldable airframe;
  • Operational in rain, snow and dust;
  • Stealth altitude 150m.

Law Enforcement Sales Enquiries

  • Mobile data extraction solutions enable non-forensic specialists to securely acquire data from digital mobile devices, providing real-time capture of evidence and intelligence;
  • Data extraction from mobile phones, digital devices, SIM and media cards;
  • Identifiable intelligence in the battlefield;
  • Rugged frontline intelligence capabilities.

Partnering with : Radio Tactics

  • Country of Origin: UK;
  • Digital intelligence and evidence-gathering technology that is employed in operations with military, law enforcement, governments and intelligence agencies worldwide;
  • Exploitation devices are used by security organizations to interrogate and acquire real-time intelligence and evidence gathered from mobile phones, GPS and portable digital devices;
  • Acquisitions are secured from intelligence leakage using AES encryption and deletion to Department of Defence standards.

Perimeter Protection Sales Enquiries

  • Fence Detection Systems
  • Buried Cables
  • Radar
  • Infrared Sensors
  • Microwave and Passive Infrared

Partnering with : South West Microwave

  • Country of Origin: USA;
  • A global provider of high performance outdoor perimeter security systems and interconnect products;
    MVP Tech is an authorized reseller of Southwest Microwave systems.
  • INTREPID™ Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

  • Micro Point Detection with location to 10 feet (3 m);
  • Sensitivity Leveling™ for varying fence conditions;
  • Free Format Zoning eliminates hardware constraints in system design;
  • Point Impact Discrimination increases detection without increasing nuisance alarms;
  • MicroPoint cable with integrated power and data for reduced installation costs.

Partnering with : Optex

  • Country of Origin: Japan;
  • OPTEX Co., Ltd is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sensing technologies for a number of sectors, ranging from security, entrance systems and factory automation to measuring instruments and transportation safety;
  • Indoor PIR and Dual Technology sensors and outdoor hard wired and wireless, PIR and active infra-red detection systems for commercial and residential applications.

PSIM Sales Enquiries

  • PSIM is a software which converts fragmented data into meaningful and actionable information;
  • Its strengthens regulatory compliance;
  • Improves collaboration, resource sharing and response times;
  • Manages geographically dispersed assets from a single location;
  • Reduces dispatch time;
  • Resolves true security incidents faster and minimizes false alarms.

Partnering with : VidSys

  • Country of Origin: USA;
  • PSIM software can be used to ‘simulate’ events:
  • Enhance resilience and preparedness;
  • Training can be closer to real life events;
  • The PSIM workflows are all fully tracked and this can be linked to security personnel and/or outsource contract KPI’s. The PSIM Software can be linked to external data sources to take input of data like known ‘persons of interest’ or national/regional events, then adapt accordingly;
  • Ensure compliance to defined operating procedures;
  • Software has customizable workflows  which are fully auditable;
  • Workflow response presents only the information the operator needs to respond to the situation;
  • Responses can be automated;
  • Reliance on human decision making is reduced;
  • Reduction in man-guard costs;
  • Through the use of PSIM technology adopt a situation-driven approach, less of a need to have multiple personnel just monitoring CCTV;
  • Joining of sites in a city, country or even globally to a centralised control room to manage more locations with less people.

Radar Systems Sales Enquiries

  • Ground Based
  • Short-Range
  • Long-Range

Partnering with : Neotek

  • Country of Origin: Russia;
  • A Russian developer and manufacturer of high-tech security and business monitoring systems using technologies of image recognition, computer vision, radar, video and thermal imaging surveillance and biometric identification and more.
  • ORWELL - R Radar Station:

  • A radar system for guarding objects with extended perimeter, unenclosed territories and water areas including objects of the “water-land” class (hydroelectric power stations, river and sea ports) with extended perimeter.
  • Features

  • 24/7 all-weather target detection and classification (humans, vehicles, vessels, etc.) at the distance up to 1.5 km over land and water;
  • Viewing sector up to 360 degrees;
  • Determining of target coordinates, speed and movement direction;
  • Integration with PTZ video cameras and thermal imaging cameras;
  • The radiation level complies with Sanitary Regulations and Standards (SanPiN) and is minimal (25mW);
  • Radar networking capability;
  • Optional supply with GPS/GLONASS equipment for target classification.

Partnering with : Flir

  • Country of Origin: USA;
  • Intelligent technology from FLIR Intelligent Transportation Systems to monitor and manage traffic streams;
  • Be it for monitoring motorists and pedestrians in urban areas, for detecting incidents on highways and in tunnels, or for traffic data collection purposes, FLIR intelligent detection and monitoring solutions enhance traffic safety and mobility on a daily basis;
  • Applications: urban (dynamic control of traffic lights and warning lights, such as flashing beacons or in-road lighting), Road (cost-effective solutions to collect traffic data, monitor traffic flow and emulate or simulate loops on highways and inter-urban roads), tunnel (real-time analysis of images of the camera, stopped vehicles, wrong way drivers, queues, slow moving vehicles, fallen objects), public transportation (safe and efficient public transportation operations, leading to extensive delays, severe damage to your infrastructure or rail fleet, or even the loss of human lives).

X- Ray Scanners Sales Enquiries

  • Check Point Screening
  • Cargo Screening
  • Baggage and Parcel Inspection
  • Metal Detection
  • X-ray Scanning

Partnering with : Rapiscan System

    Baggage and Parcel Screening:

  • Rapiscan's multi view X-ray MVXR system and real time tomography RTT systems feature;
  • Compliance with global threat detection standards, including those set by the Transportation Security Administration, the European Union and CAAC;
  • Higher speed with faster throughput rates and lower false positives;
  • Reliability through innovative design features such as built-in diagnostic tools;
  • Lower total operation cost with interoperability, ease of installation, and a smaller footprint.


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